Insta-ease – Broad-Spectrum – CBD Ointment (800 MG)


Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract / 800mg CBD ( 15 ml )

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Hemp Extract

Designed to offer all-natural relief, this natural THC-free broad-spectrum CBD ointment is made from pure, high-quality CBD grown and harvested in Oregon and is meant to be used topically on problem areas.

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2 reviews for Insta-ease – Broad-Spectrum – CBD Ointment (800 MG)

  1. Justin B

    Some of the best I’ve used so far to date. Works wonders on my pains and aches.

  2. JOHN L

    I have arthritis in my hip, and sometimes during the day, especially at night, the pain is worse than other times. I don’t want to take a lot of NSAIDS, so I’ve turned to topical CBD to lessen the pain when it flares up. The OHS CBD Ointament works well for that. It provides at least some relief fairly quickly, and I’ve noticed that over time, I notice it less too.

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