Joint Pain And CBD

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How To Use CBD For Pain Relief

There isn’t much stuff out there that can make you feel old in a way joint pain can. Gen Z not knowing how to use a rotary phone? Funny. Realizing that people born in 2000 are now full adults? Weird. Being over 30 and having joint pain? Old.

And that’s just not true – we’re not old, we’re in our prime! What’s a little joint pain here and there, especially if you can treat it in many ways? Maybe joint pain means we had an active childhood and a wild teenage period? Maybe we just got injured playing sports? Maybe we just gained a pound or two during the pandemic. Who hasn’t? Or maybe we just worked out a bit too hard.

Either way, there can be many reasons you might be feeling some joint pain and we’re here to help you deal with it.

Joint Pain – What Is It And What Causes It?

What is joint pain anyways? Joint pain can mean discomfort, pain or inflammation coming from any part of a joint. A joint forms a connection between bones and helps you move. Any damage to the joints can cause pain which can be felt in the hands, knees, spine, hips, or feet. This pain can come and go, but it can also be constant.

Also, your joints can hurt more in the morning and feel better with some activity. But, in some cases, there is more to be done for the pain to stop. That means the joint pain is now chronic and needs treatment.

Common Causes Of Joint Pain

Joint pain is very common, and the ugly truth is that it does become more common as we age. Some sports injuries can cause joint pain and eventually lead to posttraumatic-osteoarthritis, which is a clinical syndrome caused by trauma and results in progressive joint pain and dysfunction.

Some of the most common causes of chronic joint pain are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, bursitis, viral infections, and tendinitis.

If you had a previous injury to a joint (like a broken arm, for example), repeatedly overuse a muscle, suffer from a mental illness or stress and are overweight, you are more likely to experience joint paint.

Treatment For Joint Pain

Your pain can be relieved in various ways: medication, physical therapy, exercise, dietary supplements, or topicals. In most cases, acetaminophen, aspirin and ibuprofen are the go-to medications for relieving joint pain. In some cases, working with a physical therapist might work, and in some serious cases, your doctor might even try injections.

However, for cases when injections are not needed, you could try topicals such as ointments or gels. They are rubbed into the skin over the affected area and help ease the pain. Some of the topicals can be found over the counter, but for some, you might need a prescription.

Does CBD Help With Inflammation And Joint Pain?

CBD did become a popular option for easing pain, but there still is some skepticism around it, since there isn’t as much research done on humans as it is on animals. There is research suggesting that CBD could help ease the pain, but there is more research to be done.

According to this article, some patients did notice a difference after they started using CBD for their pain. 87% of arthritis patients who were using it say they use CBD to manage their arthritis symptoms and 67% of them report improvement in their physical function.

When it comes to nerve pain, on the other hand, CBD is proven to help. A 2020 study also showed that some people in palliative care get pain relief from using topical CBD.

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What Type Of CBD Product Is Best For Joint Pain?

There is always some kind of a debate when it comes to choosing the right product. The thing is – not every product will work the same for everyone, so it might take some time until you find the one good for you.

With topicals, it’s easier to use and work as advertised – topically, so if you’re trying to avoid CBD taking over your entire system, this would be your best option. Plus, it’s less likely to miss the dosage and take too much!

Of course, there are other options – you can take CBD in form of a tincture, edibles, and more. Each product has its own pros and cons. Take a look at this article on how to choose the right product.

Side Effects Of Taking CBD For Joint Pain

As with any other use of CBD, there are possible side effects that are mostly connected to dry mouth, diarrhea, changes in appetite and weight, and fatigue. Of course, the quality of the product and the dosage might trigger your side effects as well.

What To Consider When Buying CBD For Joint Pain

CBD oil shows promise as a treatment for arthritis-related pain. It may reduce inflammation and pain if it affects the receptors in the brain and immune system as researchers believe.

That said, more research is required before researchers can conclude whether CBD oil can be used to treat arthritis pain with certainty, even though research conducted on animals looks promising.

If you do struggle with arthritis, take a look at this article by the Arthritis Foundation. It offers some advice on taking CBD for arthritis.

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