How To Know If A CBD Oil Is Pure?

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5 signs Of A High-Quality CBD

CBD has become a popular choice for boosting the endocannabinoid system and reaping all the benefits science claims it has. However, choosing the right CBD product is a bit of a challenge. Not only because it takes some research to be able to choose the right type of product, but because it’s hard to find a high-quality CBD product as well.

Many CBD manufacturers claim they use high-quality CBD extract, and in some cases that really is the truth, but you must also be aware that there are a lot of people trying to use the CBD industry in a bad way and sell low-quality products.

So, before going ahead and buying a CBD product, do your research and make sure you get your money’s worth and get a high-quality product. But – how to know if CBD is of high quality? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Keep reading and find the telltale signs of a good CBD product!

What Is Pure CBD Oil And What Is It Used For?

Whether CBD is pure or not depends on its source and manufacturing process. In the US, the production of industrial hemp is legalized by the Farm Bill, making the manufacturing of CBD undergo a strict set of rules. That helps create a high-quality product. The rest, however, is not that controlled, so you end up with companies using cheap methods of extracting CBD oil, using processes which involve toxic and harmful solvents.

On the other hand, there are companies that use organic and pharmaceutical-grade ethanol, or other pure and organic oils to process CBD and mix it with. That combination makes the winner and leaves you with pure CBD oil.

Pure CBD oil is used for creating CBD products you end up using – and the mixture depends on the type of product. For example – a cream and an ointment won’t have the same ingredients.

So, to have a pure CBD, you have to consider the type of soil the hemp was grown, the way of extraction and the ingredients the extracted oil is combined with.

OH Sapiens uses only the purest hemp extract and mixes it with other organic essential oils.

How Long Does Pure CBD Stay In Your System?

That also depends on the type of CBD product you’re using and the dosage of it. In general, CBD typically stays in your system for up to five days, but for some people, it takes weeks to fully get rid of CBD from their system.

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How To Know If A CBD Oil Is High Quality?

Along with the above-mentioned facts that contribute to making a high-quality and pure CBD, there are a few telltale signs that should help you find out if a CBD product is good. Here are five crucial signs to look out for and find out if a CBD product is high quality.

Produced Using Naturally Grown Hemp

Hemp is a ‘greedy’ type of plant – meaning that it absorbs everything from the soil it grows on. That means that it can absorb helpful minerals and vitamins, but toxins as well. So, it’s safe to say that CBD grown on a farm in the US will be the best to get since the government has a strict set of rules, the farmers have to be certified, and their fields frequently get tested for toxins. The oil is also tested by a specific lab and it has to be made sure the product is free from metals, pesticides, bacteria, fungus, and solvent residue.

It’s Made From The Whole Plant Extracts

CBD oils made from the whole plant, full-spectrum oils, are considered to be of better quality than those made of isolates. Even though the idea of an isolate sounds good, oftentimes it’s made from cheap material and lacks other beneficial ingredients from the plant.

CBD oil made from whole plants contains not only cannabidiol, but also a full range of the hemp plant’s primary and secondary ingredients (like flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids), which cooperate with cannabidiol.

The Product Label Displays The Amount Of CBD

Consider it suspicious if a company doesn’t tell you how much CBD you’re getting on their labels. Look for the concentration or milligram count. In general, the higher the number, the stronger the CBD oil – an effective bottle contains 250-1000 mg of CBD per 10 mL.

The Company Will Share Independent Test Results

Third-party lab tests show the concentration of CBD and THC, and if they contain any amount of metals! If a company has nothing to be afraid of – it will show you the results, whether on its website or in its packaging. Either way – they will let you know their product is safe.

The Price Is Fair

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. As we mentioned above, low-quality CBD will use cheap extraction methods – high quality won’t. If the price is very low, that should be your sign they made it with low-quality materials using harmful extraction methods. So, if they didn’t spend more money to make it – they will probably have a good return on investment even if their prices are low.

Where To Buy Pure CBD Oil?

Wherever you want – as long as you do your research. You will be happy to notice that OH Sapiens checks every box mentioned in this article. We’re very proud of our organic CBD – our hemp grows on our farm in Oregon, which is regularly monitored by the state, we use third-party testing labs, and we use only organic essential oils to mix our CBD with. Take a look at our shop!

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