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by | Mar 16, 2022 | Blog

How To Use CBD For Better Fitness Results?

There is more and more talk about using CBD in Sports, whether amateur or professional. After WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances, athletes all over the world can now legally consume cannabidiol – and they are, claiming that CBD does have special benefits when it comes to sports.

As we’ve previously written and explained the endocannabinoid system in the human body, CBD binds to two kinds of receptors in the human body. If CBD binds to one CB1 receptor, it will affect our nervous system, and if it reacts to the other one, CB2, it will have a greater effect in reducing inflammation. And this is where the CBD and Sports story begins.

Can CBD Improve Athletic Performance?

Most likely. How? It’s simple. In order to achieve that physique or grow your muscles, you must allow your body to reset first. Resting actually allows your muscles to rebuild and grow. After a workout or doing something that needs a lot of muscle movement like mountain biking, running, skiing, etc., your muscles get sore.

To continue with your workout routine and achieve great results, you must first let the soreness calm down first, right?

This is when CBD can pitch in and actually help with recovery, which then makes improvement and performance easier. It’s basically a chain reaction that starts with research and reading. On the other hand, it’s claimed that CBD helps boost energy, improves your sleep, and helps with mental health and focus, too – all very important aspects of athletic success.

CBD And Sport Recovery

When talking about how CBD helps, it’s impossible not to mention the endocannabinoid system, which is a part of every human body. As mentioned in our previous post, CBD reacts with two CBD receptors in the human body, one in charge of the nervous system and one that is peripheral but handles inflammation. Once processed, CBD starts triggering all of the effects beneficial for your health and performance.

Inflammation and pain are the most popular reasons CBD is used for sport, especially ointments and creams that are designed for topical use. According to research, CBD is very effective in serving as an antioxidant and reducing inflammation, both acute and chronic.

There was also a study that showed CBD reduced chronic inflammation in subjects (rats) suffering from osteoarthritis. These research results lead to a conclusion that CBD does help with reducing inflammation and increasing serotonin levels, which is important for regulating the pain response. But, more research is needed.

According to this study, CBD is claimed to have analgesic properties when combined with the receptors in the human body, which can help with accelerating the recovery and with less pain.

Claimed Benefits Of Using CBD For Sport

Pain Relief

Several different studies, including this recent one, have sown that CBD is effective for reducing pain, including musculoskeletal pain as a result of exercising.

Reducing Inflammation

CBD bound to CB2 receptors helps tune down the response of the immune system triggers after intense workouts.

Improved Sleep Quality

CBD is known for improving overall mental health, as well as improving sleep quality. With that comes the release of dopamine which regulates cognition and motivation.

The Dosage

There is no standard dose that would deliver the same effects for everyone. But, topicals could help with targeting the place that needs relief. The thing with topicals is that they are mixed with other beneficial ingredients. Insta – Ease broad or full-spectrum CBD ointment is a topical made of pure hemp oil and is mixed with jojoba oil and/or castor oil – both of which have anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for sports recovery.

The Takeaway

There is plenty of evidence supporting the use of CBD in sports, but more research is always encouraged and welcomed. With all the information we have now, it is safe to conclude the use of CBD in muscle recovery and for athletic purposes. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, along with other claimed benefits such as better sleep and improved mental health, all go hand in hand calculating the role CBD has in fitness. When it comes to dosage, it might be hard to dose correctly, especially if you are already taking CBD for something else.

No one can actually tell you a specific dose that could help for you exactly, which is why we suggest topicals. Topicals don’t get into the bloodstream, but only get absorbed through the skin and have a topical effect.

However, the quality of ointments and the ingredients in them play a crucial role in whether or not they will bring more benefits. With OH Sapiens, you can rest assured that you will get a high-quality product that contains pure hemp oil and that it is only combined with other beneficial ingredients. Take a look at our online shop.

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